Mom asks son if he okay after skipping school, and then he bursts out in tears

November 6th, 2019

Parents are not happy when they find out that their kids have skipped school

Why Do Kids Skip School?

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There are a lot of different reasons why kids will decide to skip school.


One of the driving factors that now seems to be present in the schools lending towards skipping school is fear as a result of all the school shooting that have taken place.

Peer Pressure and Boredom

Often kids will skip school because their friends are doing it, or they have become bored with school.

Another Major Problem

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One Mom found out that there is another major problem why a youngster may skip school.

Mom Was Upset

The School contacted her to inform her that her son had been absent on several occasions.

A Normal Reaction

Like many parents this Mom was upset and let her son know about it in no uncertain terms. She imposed several penalties on him like losing the use of his cell phone.

Something Going On

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The next day when her young son was taking his shower she could hear him crying.

A Mother’s Concern

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Mom knew right away something was going on.

Even though she was still angry about the skipping school incident she was concerned about the crying and asked her young one if he was okay.

An Unexpected Response

At Mom’s question, the youngster broke down in tears. He openly admitted that he was not feeling okay.

The Truth Comes Out

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The boy confided that just out of nowhere he had fallen into a deep depression. He didn’t know what caused it. It was to the point where he had even contemplated suicide. The reason he skipped school was to find a quiet space so he could be alone and just cry.

Mom’s Horror

Mom had no idea of what had been going on and she felt extremely guilty for jumping to conclusions about the skipping of school. For being so judgemental.

Mom’s New Course of Action

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The first steps this Mom took was to give her son some space. She let him stay home for three days just to de-stress and get some sleep. She catered to him by cooking his favourite meals and taking him to a spa for a message.


The young fellow was very grateful to his Mom for her understanding and her efforts.

Lesson To Be Learned

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There is a powerful lesson to be learned from this Mom’s experience.

Being as peer pressure or boredom is often the cause for kids skipping school it should not be assumed that all kids are doing it for this reason. The first step parents need to take is to ask why. Hopefully, just that question alone will be enough to get the kids to open up. Of course, it may be necessary for consequences for their actions but not before finding out what is behind this first.

The Facts About Teen Depression

Teen depression is not something that should be taken lightly. According to Medicine Net about 20% of adolescents suffer from depression before they enter adulthood.

There is no one single factor that is the cause of depression. There can be an accumulation of things.

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